Boo – Magic: The Gathering: Stupid Edition

Written by The Boo

So I got into playing the new Magic 2012. I like it. I like it a lot, but that’s not only due to me loving most card games, but also due to me being an incredible geek.

Being one to do things a bit differently, Jack and I were having a friendly game when it occurred to me, that we were playing the game wrong. Now for those that don’t know, the simple task of this game is to reduce your opponents Health Points to zero, like most games. We thought this was an oversight on the makers behalf, and so, we decided to play it the way it should be played. Increasing the heath points as far as they would go.

I present to you, Magic: The Gathering: Stupid Edition (Click the Images to see the full size versions)

We hit stupid levels before I remembered Steam has a screenshot function.


Heading into the 300 health territory, I wanted some blood…
143 Damage in one hit…
At the new heights of HP madness, Jack decides to take action.
With his last turn, Jack does a whopping 458 damage in one hit!

With that final blow, we concluded that Jack and I don’t tend to play games the way they were intended. No, we make them even more fun.

  • Because I’m too lazy to edit the post, I should mention you start with only 20 HPs… And that most games turn out nothing like this…

    Also, this is the sort of stuff we get up to when we should be working. 😀

  • Sgt Moo

    Having only played MTG once I at least know that aint right, I’m sure some of the more serious players would be cringing at how you two seem to play. But hey it’s all for teh lolz, I’d love to see the reaction from other players if you posted them on some serious MTG forums XD