The Celestial Brush

Written by The Boo

So the past couple of days Marie has been playing Okami again. A lot. So when thinking of a comic this morning, she really wanted to do an Okami comic, I suggested she also write a review of her favorite game, which you can read here.

She doesn’t post our articles often, but when she does, I think she does a great job, don’t you? 😉

  • Sgt Moo

    is little Ammy part squid?…perhaps needs some inky/potty training, take her outside a couple of times a day…might be a little hard to clean up off the lawn though…

    • It’s actually the Celestial Brush. Check out some of the Okami official art, you’ll notice that the tip of Amaterasu’s tail is darker. It’s implied that the Celestial Brush itself is Amaterasu’s tail, hence the joke for this comic. But the potty/ink training gives me more ideas! 🙂