The Crow

Written by The Boo

Oh hell no.

Going through the movie news this morning I came across my most hated words. Remake and Reboot. No, just no. The Crow is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s not the greatest movie in the world, but every time I watch it, I enjoy it. I’m sick to death of these reboots/remakes. What else makes this incredibly stupid? The fact they’re doing the first story with Eric Draven played originally by the late Brandon Lee. Why re-tell that story? The whole point of The Crow was the fact that you could tell so many stories involving different and varied characters. Heck, it’s spawned 3 sequels (only one of which I really liked) so it wouldn’t be hard to come up with an original story… Oh wait, forgot I was talking about Hollywood here which hasn’t had an original idea in about 10 years and is content on remaking English language versions of every European and Asian movie they can get the rights to.

Want to know the worst part? They’re considering Mark Wahlberg or Channing Tatum for the role of Eric Draven. Are you fucking kidding me? Channing Tatum? If you don’t know who he is, google him. Then google the original Crow movie with Brandon Lee. Once you’ve done that, join me in beating the crap out of the people behind this remake until all of Hollywood finally gets the message. Fucking Channing Tatum, over my dead body.

  • Leave it to Hollywood to mess up a perfectly good thing.
    All the teeny-boppers will LOVE it, but, all the old fans will say the same thing as myself.
    “Brandon Lee has been, and will ALWAYS be, the -only- Crow…”

  • Lady

    No. just no.

  • Raevyn

    Quoth this Raevyn……Fuck. No.

  • Tochi

    this is going to sound messed up but what made the crow well a great movie in my books was the fact that Brandon lee passed on.

  • Right-o behind you!

  • Y’all do know that the The Crow is based on a comic ? It will be more of a adaption then remake.

    Remakes been around since 30’s when they started to used sound. Yes there was Good and bad remake, but they had kept the original out of the shadows.

    • Oh I do, I own James O’Barr’s entire collection. 😉 The problem is that it’s been stated as a remake of the Eric Draven story. I would much rather a new story, but without Kirsten Dunst or Tara Reid. XD