The Dancer

Written by The Boo

Ever have one of those moments when you thought you were home alone and just decided to strut your stuff, only to realise you weren’t alone?

Yeah, me neither…

Extra points to people who point out each one of Panda’s dance moves. Four of her moves should be fairly easy to figure out, one of them though, not so easy. 😉

  • Sgt Moo

    I see the egyptian, what I think is the chicken dance and a Michael Jackson crotch grab…the others are lost on me…

    And yes I have been caught out dancing stupidly when I thought people were sleeping…I aint sayin to what though…

  • Auredur

    I wasn’t caught dancing, however I have been caught singing when I thought I was alone. My family says they love my voice, but I hate singing when others can hear me. Don’t know why. To me it’s just as embarrassing as if I sing horribly and maybe it’s because I do. I’ve seen American Idol, I know how it goes.

  • eewool

    I would say the staying alive move (pointing finger NE, SW,NE, etc.)
    then the egyptian move
    after that comes the shake your booty
    chicken dance sounds nice for #4
    and finally, the michael “prince of pop” jackson grab your crotch move

    Am I good?


  • I have been caught a few times acting stupid in my younger days, and this is pretty much my reaction… Red Face, with the deer caught in the headlights body freeze!