The Day After Christmas

Written by The Boo

It’s always the way. You think you’ve made enough for everyone at Christmas, and once all is said and done, you realise you cooked way too much, again.

This year we only needed enough food for 6, but two didn’t show up, as they were busy bringing us a new nephew into the world. That’s right, an “almost” Christmas baby, born at 11:59pm 24th of December. So congratulations to my sister and her husband for the new life in their lives.

  • Sgt Moo

    I escaped most of Xmas this year, still wound up with extra food at home though.

    A if she could have held out to make it a Xmas baby then they could have saved on Xmas/birthday presents XD

    Congrats anyway

    • Rachael Kruska

      I was born on x-mas eve and I hate getting two for one presents!!

  • PorkCow

    Send it my way! LOVE roasts and cakes and salads (yes you CAN win friends with salad). Gorged myself this Christmas. Good thing was the food I was having was mega healthy BUT mega tasty. Oh so gooooood. Not a fan of Christmas pudding though. Got jealous when my nieces got icecream and I had to have a pudding.. ~grumble~ I wanted icecweam…

    Congratulations to the lucky couple. Hope they and their bub is doing fine.

    Oh and seeing a stuffed Panda and Boo.. gorgeous. My dad was Boo on Christmas. Too much food the silly duffer. Buts I love him so all forgiven.

    Hope y’all had a happy Christmas and got some kick buttock pressies!