The Déjà Vu

Written by The Boo

As you all know Marie is in full study mode, and in saying so this week she requested I write an easy comic for her to draw up.

As I was writing, I couldn’t help but feel I’d written this one before, so after a quick check back through the catalog (no quick task mind you) I realised I had already written today’s comic. (The previous comic can be found here.)

On topic though, I enjoy seeing Wolfy just on the rooftops, the thought of him being a superhero without actually showing the superhero stuff just makes me laugh at the possibility that while he is a hero, he may not ever do any actual hero work.

  • skulljester

    Sorry Wolfy, not in the budget. Maybe next quarter.

    • Hmm, budget issues. I wonder how long we’d be able to use that as an excuse. 😀