The Devil’s Bounty Hunter

Written by The Boo

This isn’t so much about the upcoming Ghostrider movie, as it’s about how I just wanted to see Panda as the Devil’s Bounty Hunter.

But in regards to the movie, we don’t’ really have anything against Nick Cage, just he seems to go from one extreme to another. We’ll just have to wait an see how he does as once again he sets his head on fire, and apparently, pisses fire in Ghostrider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Oh, if you want to see Cage in one of his best movies, check out Bad Lieutenant. Cage at his insane best.

  • PorkCow

    Oh my yes YES! PANDA FOR GHOSTRIDER!!! Hee hee Boo in catatonic state. or did Panda use penance stare? ohh you a baaad wittle Boo.

    Fan of the GR but yeah Nick as him.. meh. Loved the bike and LOOOOVED Sam Elliot (that man can tell me I am dying and I would SQUEE my head off) as the other rider. Might see the next one but only on DVD.

    And yes Nick in Bad Lieutenant was awesome. I enjoyed it immensely but my friend thought it was a flop. poo poo on you buddy!

  • Hehe glad you like it! I don’t think she used penance stare, just scared the crap out of him. A healthy dose of Squee can also send people into these dead eye, mouth-foaming states…

    I haven’t seen a lot of Cage movies, but the last ones I’ve seen him in were bad, with the exception of Kick Ass (Big Daddy is awesome). I might need to have a look at having a Cage-a-thon one of those days, getting my hands on as many as I can and hope I’m still sane by the time it’s over…