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Written by The Boo

There’s a lot of things coming up that we’re excited for. The sequel to Avatar the Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra, The Avengers movie and just recently Marie hasn’t shut up about the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie.

I myself have a love hate relationship with trailers, as we’ve mentioned before, I love seeing how cool something could be, but hate the fact that the trailer could have been posted a full year before we actually get the full product.

Anyway, what are you guys looking forward to this year? Any movies that really catch your attention? Maybe a game you’ve been waiting on for a few years? Let us know. 🙂

  • Leedlizer

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… What is this about a live action Rurouni Kenshin movie?! o_O Well, that means I need to hurry up and obtain the money needed to get the last of the manga that I haven’t read yet…


      That’s the quick trailer. There’s a longer version somewhere about that better shows off the actor playing Kenshin. 😉

    • Here’s the longer version!

      Warner Brothers actually released this trailer subtitled in four other languages I believe, it’s available with English, French, Chinese and Spanish subs. I can’t wait because OMGOMGOMG IT LOOKS AWESOME.

      They apparently are planning on an international release, and from the quality of that trailer it looks like it could pretty well happen. Maybe people will finally start taking anime/games as a serious source material for making movies, and actually start respecting it (we’ve all seen what they did with Dragonball Evolution, legend of Chun Li, Mortal Kombat and so on… the only remotely good game adaptation I’ve seen is Silent Hill, they had the atmosphere and mood down perfect in that one!).

    • Leedlizer

      You two are amazing, thank you very much! ^_^

      And man does it looks amazing! I was wondering if it was going to be a year after the Japanese release but if it is released in all those languages at once then this is a good sign for future movies and us not having to wait… hopefully.

      Hahaha Agreed, we can hope. There have been some good animated movies for anime/games but like you said, not too many good live action ones… Just adding that the first Resident Evil movie was alright too, or at least the lazer room part. ;P

  • I’m keeping my hopes up as well for an international release, if it hits theaters here in Quebec, with subtitles (if it’s dubbed I will snob it so hard) I’d probably make an exception and go see it on my own, as I don’t really think I know anyone else who would come with me to see that.

    I have been scouring the web these last few weeks, I’ve found some nifty pics taken from the sets and stuff. I’ve seen what Sanosuke will look like, he’s about the only character who I think looks a bit so-so (then again, he has a pretty radical design in the manga). I am glad they reduced the size of his zanbatou sword though, as it looks much more natural and avoids the movie suffering from the Buster Sword Syndrome. I’ve seen an image of Yahiko, and he looks pretty good, I think they nailed the street urchin look down 🙂

    Check this link out, pretty much has all of the images I stumbled upon on google 🙂

    I did like the first Resident Evil movie, it was alright… but the main problem with that franchise is the completely out of place character of Alice… With so many central characters to choose from in the game (Claire, Leon, Jill, Chris, etc.) I can’t figure out why they went with a completely made up Mary Sue…. Yeah… I haaaaaaaate Alice…

  • Michael Hall

    legend of korra all day everyday

    • I AGREE! I should have a marathon, again, of the first 8 episodes now… Must have moar Korra….