The Genius Plan

Written by The Boo

By now you’ve all probably heard about the proposal in the United States to essentially censor parts of the internet within it’s own borders. While I could talk about it at great length, I’d rather imagine what Boo would do in such an event that it caused sites such as this to not be available to people in the U.S.

Boo’s plan, just download the internet, and offer it at a reasonable price.

  • Sgt Moo

    I wonder if the censorship will go both ways, with other countries not able able to access potentially censored sites that are inside the US

    • It looks like that is what could possibly happen if it’s passed. Sites like “That Guy with The Glasses” could be shut down to it’s use of “Hollywood” movie in reviews and such. There’s a ton of info all over about it, along with petitions to stop etc. While I don’t think it will go through, it is one of those things where the “big organisations” could screw over the little people like us.

  • Raevyn

    Yeah, in a country where censorship is considered one of the gravest crimes possible, our leaders are attempting to give themselves the power to do just that. My idea. Take every egg-headed, sackless, half-wit, impotent shit brick in Washington, and drown them in the internet….or just wait for them to try and pass it only to find the entire gov’t shut down and force this country into a state of pure chaos. When it happens….I’ll be drinking tequila. Guarding my possessions with one of a myriad of bladed objects….and a panther.

    • gijoespouse

      O_O; A panther?

  • gijoespouse

    Yeah, the SOPA legislation, in its current state, is just ridiculous. You could get in trouble just for posting a video of your friends doing bad karaoke. Not to mention would could happen to all those fun Abridged series running around on Youtube….

  • Before everybody foes and freaks out over this…

    This is NOT censoring the internet…
    This is stopping copy-written material from being downloaded or streamed…
    They ALREADY passed something like this with music, and guess what?
    Nothing happened…

    Remember Lars Ulrich from Metallica?
    His big “Napster” deal?

    People found ways around the bill… and this will be no different.

    With “Free Use for Education or Entertainment”, as well as “Free use as long as it’s royalty free”… this won’t do anything.

    As long as I don’t make money from my SHOW, I can get away with putting game trailers and pictures in it.
    Now… making money from ADS on my show is a different story.

    I’ve looked in to this enough to know that US citizens can STILL go to P&B.Com, YouTube, FaceBook, and Twitter, as well as Netflix and overseas places that sell things.

    To me, that’s all that really matters…


    • “As long as I don’t make money from my SHOW, I can get away with putting game trailers and pictures in it.
      Now… making money from ADS on my show is a different story.”

      This is the main point of it for many internet businesses. They make their living off of doing movie reviews. If “Hollywood” decides it doesn’t want their movies to be used in those reviews etc, it would kill a lot of peoples jobs. Including a portion of ours since we wouldn’t be able to use any footage from our reviews, which is just plain stupid. (In my opinion anyway…)