The Gun Games

Written by The Boo

This comic comes about after realising I know a lot of people who play “gun games”. We have our own resident Sgt. Moo who plays Laser Tag competitively, Dward and Jack both play Airsoft and I also have other friends who play Paintball and Nerf.

I never knew there were so many gun based games out there. Guess people really do have it in them to want to shoot others in the face. 😀

  • Auredur

    I’m guessing it’s not really fair because the paint balls would go right through Boo. Poor Panda.

  • Shooting people in the face has always been fun, be it digitally, or in AirSoft.
    Paintball and laser-tag were fun when I did them, but, I couldn’t run in laser-tag, and there are very few NIGHT paintball games.

    Good comic you two!

  • Sgt Moo

    Such a fitting comic as I’m currently in Launceston, Tazmania, Australia, (Earth), competing in the Australian Nationals competition. Competition starts 2moro but we’ve met some of the teams already and played a few practice games against them and come out alright. Shooting people in the eyes has it’s bonuses… I just wish all shots went through as if I wasn’t there like you Boo 😛

  • The Dward

    Hah, This Comic made my day. I have to say though thanks to Boo and Panda because not knowing what they did they actually helped me motivate to get back into Airsoft and with it I hope to provide more material for the viewers to see.