The Hasty Forgetfulness

Written by The Boo

Sometimes in life we can all get a little bit hasty and forget the small things.

I’ve actually forgotten what I was going to write here today being a prime example.

I guess the message we’re putting across for this week is, slow down, take the time to remember what’s important, else you may leave a smoking wreck behind.

(Or in my case, completely forgetting how today’s comic actually came about when I wrote it and forgot to do this write up right away and am now having to type a few more words so this description seems  a bit more full. I should really stop writing the way I talk to myself.)

  • Leedlizer

    Ouch, poor Panda, that looks like it would hurt. And who knows how fast a ghost can fly when in a hurry! Though I think I would have to do this at least once if I had the power of intangibility… I would totally abuse that power… then again I would abuse most any super power. XP

  • skulljester

    And the worst part of all? Now they have to get a new door.