The Important Announcement

Written by The Boo

Know what a hypocrite is? It’s me. Just the other day I said I wouldn’t do another comic on Movie remakes/reboots. Confused? I would be too since today’s comic only stated that Michael “I’m the next George Lucas hack” Bay is going to direct Transformers 4.

“Transformers 4” he says is going to reboot the franchise, a franchise that only had it’s third movie LAST FREAKING YEAR!

You know the good thing about this? It’s given me an idea for a new show. Think I’ll get to work on that today while the rest of you start joining all those “Stop Michael Bay” websites and facebook groups.

  • Sgt Moo

    As someone who has no prior knowledge of the transformers franchise, even I can see that the movies have been going downhill, at least it still has giant robots beating up on each other.

    My question is what’s left in the story? Megatron I’m pretty sure was killed…are there any other bad guys still around?

  • gijoespouse

    Reboot, to me, more often than not means “we lack the creativity to write ourselves out of the gigantic plotholes we dug.” Don’t get me wrong, there have been good reboots. Batman Begins and the Dark Knight come to mind in particular. Both GREAT movies stemming from a great reboot.

    They could always bring in Unicron, the big planet eating baddie from the original 80s movie. The issue there would mean the biggest parts of the movie would happen in space, which means *gasp* more of a focus on the damn ROBOTS instead of Sam. It means Michael Bay couldn’t fit in more gratuitous slow pans of panty shots. He -could- have a metric ton of slow pans of the GIANT ROBOTS that the DAMN MOVIE was named after, but no. He obviously is very concerned with making sure Sam has some eye candy for the audience to ogle at.

    After sitting through that third movie, where I spent the entire ‘storming the city’ scenes going WTF repeatedly (ask my husband…said it so much he finally suggested I just walk out of the room if it bothered me that badly), I will NOT be forking over any cash to see this in the theater, and I damn sure won’t be buying the DVD.

  • @gijoespouse Oh, is it ever the truth! BOYCOTT!

    In other news, the Energy Commandos (can) kicked Micheal Bay’s and his transformers’ ass. If Boo can grow arms in his EC form, they can easily get the job done.