The Marketing Ploy

Written by The Boo

Now I’m not saying that Activision/CoDMW3 goes to those lengths to get people to buy their game, but we all know it’s happened in the past.

There seems to be quite some rivalry between these two games as I’ve been reading on the interwebs. I even went so far as to read a financial review of which game would sell better (don’t read those, they’re boring as all bat shit). In this report, it was estimated that CoD would have around 16 million sales, while BF3 would achieve around 8 million in the first couple of weeks.

Not being a big FPS gamer, it’s still hard for me to spot the differences between these types of games, but through all my research, I’d be going with the underdog on this one. Battlefield 3 just seems more like my sort of game.

  • Raevyn

    Call of Duty is an arcade shooter, regardless of what anyone wants to believe. It approaches realism in the same way as Road Runner and Wylie Coyote.

    Battlefield, while not being a true battle simulation, is designed far more to mimic a real battle situation.

    Call of Duty sells because it’s the Nike of FPS. It sells as a name brand. I’ve told several people, Call of Duty people included, that Activision could slap Call of Duty on a pile of dog shit and they would sell millions.

    Battlefield has a smaller fan base, but as far as I’ve come to notice in my years of playing the series, a much more mature crowd. Far less whimpering 12 year old kids who believe they are the greatest thing since chocolate covered horse shit. Less ‘teabagging’, and because the games (recently) have gone to a squad based chat system, there are far less instances where I’m being barraged by racial slurs and other derogatory remarks, half of which the people spouting them don’t even know what they’re saying enough to use the words properly.

    Obviously I’m a Battlefield guy, and I’ll likely receive hate mail from thousands of 12 year olds complaining that I called Call of Duty a steaming pile of diseased shit, most of which will lack any sense of grammar or understanding of the English language, but I feel that Battlefield is a far superior game. How can you beat tanks and jets?

  • Sgt Moo

    I don’t like either, if I wanted to play Halo I’d go buy an x-box, which in itself is never going to happen. Regenerative health is something Halo pioneered and yes it was good for Halo but devs need to stop putting it in every damn “AAA” FPS title.

    This hits more of a point with BF3 as it’s supposed to as you say mimic a proper battlefield, if you get shot in the leg you don’t go run and hide behind a wall for a few seconds to automatically heal then run out fresh as a daisy. NO! You drag your useless mutilated leg over there and call for a damn med! And while in the future tanks might have super nano-technology to regenerate armor, I don’t think we’re there yet, give it a few decades and maybe we’ll see it.

    The CoD series lost it on MW2, the service of the game was disgusting with no dedicated servers and bugged up the butt on release (that’s what you get with a console port), thank god I didn’t pay full price for it, a friend covered half the cost for me because I refused to. Black Ops doesn’t even match it’s name, one would think it’d be all sneaky sneaky stealthy stuff, instead it came at my face with fangs and many teeth and was even buggier than MW2 when you tried to play multiplayer.

    The way I see it is TF2 is a more realistic shooter because when you get hurt you cant sit and hide away to regen (except the medic but that kinda makes sense). That medic and scattered health packs (now a relic of the golden age of the FPS) are the only things that can save your sorry ass.

    As far as I’m concerned both games are just developers trying to cash in on the names of games that have past their prime and are now nothing more than a brand.


  • Sgt Moo

    Oh and Origin and it’s suss EULA can go jump

  • Raevyn

    Yeah, I wasn’t pleased when I found out about the regen on vehicles, but at least with soldiers your regen isn’t a quick thing, and is really dangerous to rely on in the middle of a firefight. That’s why I’m running medic mostly….outside of the fact that Jack and Dward don’t medic. >.>

    And yeah, the lines between FPS games have blurred greatly and it’s getting hard to really distinguish them all. The reason CoD games are always bugged at launch is because Activision refuses to run betas and so none of the bugs are found until after launch, and they don’t patch them for a month at least, whereas the issues that BF had a beta and found a lot of kill bugs, and other issues. Also, there have been 2-3 patches/server fixes since launch…3 days ago, to greatly improve the server stability. My only issue is the the battlelog continues to not let me log-in, telling me I have to buy the game, when I have it on two systems….

    But now I want to play some TF2.

  • The Dward

    Raevyn – you’re the best medic I’ve ever played with in a Battlefield game… Marry me.. (no homo) < its not gay when you say no homo :B

    But when you're a medic you get like 100 + points for every revive you perform on a friendly, not to mention you get 20 additional points for every heal you perform as well. So being a medic really pays off in BF.

    but in the end every class has its likes and dislikes, advantages and disadvantages. Engineers are good for busting tanks and taking out air units, Assault is good for reviving and healing, Support is good for resupplying Ammo and rigging specific areas with C4, and Recon.. is well… recon.. they're only good for spotting in my honest opinion.

  • Raevyn

    Recon should stick to spotting and IDing threats as the class is truly designed for because as soon as a sniper’s found…let’s just say they don’t last too well in a fire fight. On the other hand, they’re excellent for supporting front line troops and vehicles by removing specific threats from an AO. Of course, COD people don’t understand any of what I’ve just typed so it’s all good.

    Though I’ve heard rumor that CoD MW3 will have ‘classes’, which just goes to show how the lines between games are blurring. It’s still a steaming pile of crap….but as per my occupation… should really buy this steaming pile of crap so that the company making it can make more money off of you by not only selling a game, but also an online special place for you to check your stats, compare them to your friends, view heat maps of maps, acquire maps early and included in the cost of the ‘service’ and give you special gold stars to put on your name tag so your friends (who likely all have them too) will see you’re ‘elite’ and part of a great communism….erm….community.

    You know all that stuff that Battlefield and Halo have allowed you to access for free? Yup, the Call of Duty version of that costs $50 American. So now they’ve just upped their sales from 60 bucks a sap to 110 bucks a sap. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a YEARLY subscription? God….who would pass up that?! #Sarcasm out the goat ass

  • Call of Duty
    While it had a major following, early on it was about emulating, via campaign, real battles.
    Be it Vietnam, World War I, or II.
    The game has become a staple for all the things I dislike about the FPS genre.
    From trash-talking 12 year olds, to a team that refuses to work together.
    I liked MAG for it’s use of squads, and the squad-leader(if smart), could lead the squad to a high score, if not victory.
    I used to dislike HALO, but since I’ve been off that band-wagon after Halo 3 hit shelves, and I left :XGC: with Raevyn, Call of Duty MW2 was out next stop.

    People claimed it was grand, with a hundred types of weapon mods, and perks, and the list goes on.
    Call of Duty MW2 turned to shit when all the servers became over-run with hackers and people using glitches like clipping errors to get what they want.

    Call of Duty BlackOps?
    That game is a laugh…
    I’m a sniper in MOST FPS games, but with the inability to make long-range shots(which I ace, ask Rae, or Zeus(on PSN) about my sniping) because the maps are too small, no hiding in bushes… it’s geared toward people with shotguns, hiding in cramped spaces waiting for somebody to walk by and blast them.
    That’s not skill… nor is using a semi-auto or full-auto sniper rifle.

    There is NO team-base to any of it, people running off, only helping each other to get points…

    Battlefield 1942, Bad Co. 1 + 2, Battlefield 2(which I -still- play on PC), and 3…
    While they don’t emulate real COMBAT, they emulate combat SITUATIONS.

    If Rae didn’t heal me, or revive me, he himself would be in a tough spot due to 3 guns vs his 1, and he and I tend to do well when we have to just “Double Down…”

    Squad movements and tactics, it’s lightning war…
    Dward being Squad Leader means that I follow him with a shotgun and a STINGER Missile Launcher, waiting for an air-craft to knock out.
    Rae runs medic, meaning that Dward and I can focus on securing shit, and taking targets out…
    …don’t get me wrong, Rae can hold his OWN in a fire-fight, but I think he’d rather I be there to take aggro away from him so he can run around and assassinate them.

    I have -yet- to be tea-bagged in Battlefield, because all of the little kids don’t understand that you don’t run up to a tank with a pistol, and try to kill it… this isn’t HALO, kiddies… this is Battlefield…
    They leave… and leave -me- to enjoy the game-play experience…

    Call of Duty is like HALO, a FPS designed for little kids to get their aggression out and pretend to shoot mommy and daddy in a video game, because they’ll get grounded for doing it in real life.

    When you get ‘technical’ with your gaming, I invite you to find me on Battlefield 3… me… and my squad… and we’ll show you WHY this FPS is better…

    This war can go on all day… look up stats and specs of HOURS PLAYED by a single member of each game.
    While the player base for BF is smaller… they put in time to master their weapon-sets and skills… and get to work better with their squads.

    Rae – Medic
    Dward – Heavy Weapons and Point-man
    Jack – Noise maker, and explosives wh*re…

    That’s all I have to say…


  • Raevyn

    Boo…look what you did, you got us all ranting….but oddly, all on the same game which basically supports the claim of the comic. lol

    And Jack forgot one thing about me in BF3. I’m the jet guy. Not entirely a one man air superiority due to lack of missiles and the weakness of the main cannon on those jets, but I’m in the sky….90% of the time flying the first jet I jump into at the start of the match. Then if I get tagged, I HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) drop from the burning wreckage of my jet down onto the rest of my squad to begin healing. I’m the -para- medic. lol

    • 🙂 Glad I could spark some discussion.

  • The Dward

    When Jack was taking out Helo’s I was actually excited for him that he took helo’s out! And he would jump around like a little school girl “Dward! I got one I got one!” Omg Jack that’s wonderful! Now focus on taking out the fucking tank that’s now aiming at us… Battlefield 3 is just loaded with all sorts of action… Love it.

    • I’m anti-air!
      Anti-tank is sort of YOUR thing, ‘Dward! LoL

      Anyway, enough about the game, good comic as always you two, and be sure to note the explosion of comments here the next time you pit two games against each other.
      I know, WoW vs Everquest! – GO!
      NO WOW TALK!

  • Sgt Moo

    *goes off and plays WoW in a corner*

  • Lune

    I have been encouraging customers to go after Battlefield lolol (the midnight was aweshum btwz) but there will be 300-something frat boiz at the store next week for the midnight ;___;

  • Raevyn

    300? I’m expecting 500-600 at my store…and I have already been informed that I can’t shoot any of them for being useless fuckwits.

    • If you did that would you have any costumers?