The New Neighbour

Written by The Boo

So a lot of people recently have been asking me if they can have cameo’s in the comic, caricatures done in their likeness (Don’t ask me, I only write words, ask the Panda for caricatures) and while I’d love to, it’s hard to find a way to make those characters funny and fit them in with the P&B universe.

On the other hand, in Jack’s case, it’s quite easy to make something funny. So I’m happy to read ideas and suggestions for characters, just be aware they may not make it in.

  • It’s fitting that Jack get the 1st comment in a comic he’s in!

    I’m happy as-is being a part of P&B.Com in any aspect I can, from the P&B Show, Get Jack’d, The Agency plays…, and the reviews I’ve done(and will hopefully get another one done here soon).

    I’m reminded daily, by both Boo, and Panda, that if you want something bad enough, and keep going for it, you’ll get it.

    While I may be “New” to the members, and even to Panda, I hope I can bring you my style of entertainment, and a taste of a world you’ve likely only visited a few times.

    This isn’t an Emmy speech, so I’ll keep it short, but…

    I don’t know if “Blessed” is a word I’d use, so, I’ll say that even if my number is 13, I have a lot of luck, and am fortunate to be a part of the P&B World.

    Thanks guys!
    Much love to you both!
    …and to the fans, of course!

  • Amber

    Ohmygod. His little TOES. They’re so fucking adorable, poking out of the bottom of the pants. XD D’awwwwwwwwwwww.

  • DH

    lol Another great comic, as we’ve all come to expect!

    I’m really very happy to see this going so well.

  • Raevyn

    Is he supposed to have only one ear or I’m I just not able to understand that it’s blocked out by his massive head?

    • The hat covers his other ear 😛

  • Ratikis

    He he I can’t wait to go visit you too and drop in unannounced!

    • The difference is the door won’t be slammed in your face! 😀

  • Sgt Moo

    Question…how do they reach the lock on the door…it seems as though they live in a world that’s not their size…

    On a related note…poor Jack

    • Boo needs doors? 😉 And Panda, well, you’ll see later how she is with “tools” in an upcoming comic. 😀

    • They both have tricks up their sleeves!