The New Superhero

Written by The Boo

For those of you that don’t know, Marie and I actually met through the game City of Heroes many years ago. While we don’t play it anymore, I do still miss it at times. I miss the creative freedom we had in that game. The ability to come up with any sort of hero or villain that we wanted, then directing them through the stories we would come up with for our characters. (People in the game always called them Toons) It was a very fun time, and I still try my best to stay in contact with the group of friends we had at the time, heck, some of them have even made it into these comics in some way or another.

So today’s comic represents that part in all of us when we were young, those early dreams of one day being like Spider-Man, or creating our own heroes to look up to. It’s also due in part to a work friend of mine who mentioned something last night about wearing a fluoro orange shirt and being a god. I can’t quite remember the exact conversation, but never the less, this is the result of what I pictured.

I’m a very creative person, so much so that I often daydream about stories that I could write, inventions, music, characters and other weird random things. The best part about doing this website/comic/shows is it lets me get out plenty of creativity. I’d love one day to be in the position where I can do nothing but dream up worlds for people to enjoy.

I’d be curious to see what you all dreamed of being when you were young. Did you dream of being a policeman, the Incredible Hulk or maybe even something more extreme?

  • Sykotek

    I wanted to be a samurai. Oddly enough I still do haha or a katana wielding bad ass anyway haha

  • Lady

    Awww. Poor Boo. I like his new superhero. : p

  • Sgt Moo

    Who didn’t want to be a superhero? Flying around, using super powers, wearing your underwear on the outside…ok…maybe not so much that one.

  • Ahhhhhh City of Heroes.



    Damnit Boo I was trying to forget those days, dammit. 😛

    It’s kinda funny. My idea of a superhero always started in the idea of a police woman. To my mind, as a kid, you had all the elements of a superhero right there. Law, Justice, kicking ass, and using a gun. Then I grew up.

  • Leedlizer

    You two played CoH?! I loved that game. My brother and I used to play it all the time. Though we stopped around the time of CoV coming out since the people we got used to playing with stopped as well. I do miss playing it… And I haven’t been able to really get into any other MMO since… Oh well! 😛
    So what kind of characters did you two prefer to play as? My main character was a Ice Controller with Radiation as the secondary power set… He kind of sucked but he was the highest level guy I had. XP

    • Hehe, well, between Marie and myself, we had probably around 60 or so characters. The one I had that I was most known for was Bench, a Super Strength Invulnerable Brute. He had a bit of a penchant for steak. 😉

    • Leedlizer

      Oh my, I think I probably played around 15, maybe 20, different characters to try out different powers and such.
      Hahaha I was thinking you were probably a Invulnerable Brute. The group I was used to playing with had an amazing Invuln Brute… good times… ^_^

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