The Packing Day

Written by The Panda

Sooooooo! We’ve got some good news and some bad news. Why not start with the good news? Yessiree!

Good news: Boo is coming to Canada! Also, I have a batch of delicious cookie dough in the fridge.

Bad news: Packing stuff sucks.
That is all!

  • skulljester

    Agreed. Packing does suck. We really should be devoting more time and money on that whole instant matter transportation thing so we can just beam our stuff everywhere. Screw cancer research.

    • This I would be all for. Side note, I like how Marie drew Squee just following along like she’s going on vacation. XD

  • Leedlizer

    Awesome!!! I’m so glad to hear that Boo is finally getting to Canada!!! ^_^ I know you have been working towards this for a veeerrrrry long time. I wish you the best of luck in packing everything and getting it there… it was a hassle doing that from one state to another, I can’t imagine the craziness of doing it between countries…
    Side not; I am both curious and worried about why a ghost would need a toilet plunger…

    • That’s probably why he’s selling it. I’d like to think he bought it as an art piece that he never got to display. 😀

      And yes, has been a long time, but soon I’ll be over there with Marie and we’ll finally be able to really get some things done with this little website of ours.

    • Leedlizer

      Hahaha That poor display that will never know the light of day… I would also hate to see what ectoplasm would do to a toilet.

      Cool, cool, I will be looking forward to your guys’ work when you are actually living in the same country again. 😀

  • zaza :-)

    Waiting for boo to come in canada we are impatient to see you

  • Awesome2

    Does that mean more streams, that I can watch all of?

    • Possibly. We have a lot of plans for videos and live shows. It’ll just take us a little while to get settled in our own place and work out how much time we have for the site as a whole. But we’ll keep people updated as we go. 😉