The Plan

Written by The Boo

After writing this one, it reminded me of how much I miss Warner Brothers cartoons, especially Coyote and Road Runner. I used to love how Coyote would go to great and extreme lengths just to catch to the Road Runner, and yet, with all the money he spent on ACME products, he could have bought himself a decent meal. C’est la vie.

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  • Machine

    Hahah, I love Boo’s face in the last panel. He’s just so happy!

  • Skull Jester

    Probably a good thing Boo’s intanglible, given where the trap was located… o.O

    • Haha! I didn’t even notice it shut over the area where… uh… his Daddy zone would be…

    • Skull Jester

      As a guy, that’s usually the first thing I notice happening to another man. It’s like a tractor beam for the eyes which usually ends in a “Oooooh!” or an “Aw snap!” then laughter.

  • Sgt Moo

    …but how did he trigger the trap in the first place?! Like Jester said it’s a good thing he’s not solid, otherwise that might have been a bit on the painful side :S

    Panda just seems to be becoming more and more evil…where will it end?! 😀

    • The air Boo displaces when he moves triggers the trap I think! Only the best, most sensitive traps for Panda (they don’t shut on her since she knows how to use and set them; she has to be careful being a bear herself 😛 )

    • Moo… it never ends.
      She’s a sicko… a real cereal killer type.
      Don’t ask me what she did to Lucky, and Tony the Tiger… and poor poor Count Chocula…

  • Luckily, I don’t feel pain like other people.
    Dead nerves from years of smoking that crack cocaine!!!
    I don’t do drugs.

    Panda had better use some good bait… I’m not stupid enough to just step on a trap… *SNAP*
    OUCH OUCH…. -_- Nevermind…

    • Raevyn

      You would fall for the old bear trap trick…..

      Though honestly…who lays bear traps in the middle of the floor in an open room without covering them in dead bodies and potato chips?

  • Raevyn

    Anyone else notice the irony of a Panda laying down bear traps?

  • Nixie

    I just wanted to let you know that they HAVE brought back the looney toons. There is a new show they are airing on cartoon network it is very funny and they modernized it. There have been a few wile e coyote and road runner mini cartoons in it also. here is a link Im wondering though if shes trying to catch a wolf what will she do once she catches it he/she. Will she plan to eat it like the coyote?

    • Thanks for the link Nixie, but unfortunatly, those videos are only available in the US. Time to get the proxy changer out. 😀 Oh, and Panda has plans, all will be revealed soon. 😉

    • DH

      Panda Plans?

      No good can come of this….

      Or maybe lots of good. I get those two mixed up a lot.

  • Tochi

    Just one thing u need bait maybe some Moo meat to lure you a wolf

    • Sgt Moo

      o.0 Wolves don’t eat steak…right?

    • Nope, we’re strictly vegetarians…
      …also, I have some nice beachfront property in Arizona for sale if anybody wants it!

  • saichan

    hope u know theres a new looney toons on cartoon network heh its so funny