The Stray

Written by The Panda

You did it, I did it, we all did it. Bringing home pets or animals home when we were kids, begging our parents to let us keep them.

I don’t recall any instances where I did it, but I know of a few anecdotes my mother told me about my twin sister when we were 5.

She brought back this huge shaggy black dog home, and told mom that we had to keep him because he was homeless and lost and sad. Mom asked her how she knew this, and my sister, being an awesome 5 year old, simply answered ‘He told me!’.

There was also a close call when we were about 4 that I unfortunately can’t recall, but my mother remembers it well. We were outside playing in the backyard, when there was a rustling in the hedge. Out came a black, four legged critter, sporting a magnificent stripe on its back from head to fluffy tail. And it had a few other smaller ones following it… My sister started running towards them screaming ‘KITTIES!’ and my mother grabbed her in time and brought us back in the house.

I think Boo is kind of the same, he has that childish innocence and he just wants to love and care for every stray he finds. Just as my own mother had to explain to us that skunks were not, in fact, cute fluffy kitties, Panda may need to have a chat with Boo later on…

What about you guys? What animals did you bring home to your parents when you were a kid? If you have young kids of your own, what critters did they beg you to allow them to keep?


PS: I hear skunks made great pets, back when it was allowed here (they’d have the stink glands removed of course). I’ve heard they could use the kitty litter or be house-broken, and they pretty much eat whatever you eat. AWESOOOOOOME!

  • SgtMoo

    Birds were about the only thing me and my brother we rescued as kids, often from our cats, some would make it through the night but most didn’t last. We managed to rescue a budgie from a bunch of Noisy Miner birds recently, it probably lived for about 9 months before it bought the dirt farm.