The Uninformed Shopper

Written by The Boo

Ah, buying the wrong Christmas gift for someone. You’ve had it happen to you, you’ve done it to someone. Possibly those brown socks you got one year, or the time you got Hello Kitty Island for someone when they wanted God of War.

So what are you wanting to show up in the wrapped package of wonder this year? And how do you go about getting gifts for those that you’re just unsure about?


  • PorkCow

    Never given a bad gift. Been given bad gifts but still enjoyed it. “Thought that counts” as they say. Heck I am happy if I only get a birthday card! (yes I am that lonely =-( ).

    Mwahahaha! Now I here NEVER LEAVING! (except for bathroom breaks, grabbing a book or drooling over Okami game…. mmmmmm graphically gorgeous…)

    LOVE the arm waves of Panda. So cute!

    • It happened to me once I believe, I think our my 14th birthday. My grandmother gave my sister and I Barbie dolls, even though we were way past the age of playing with Barbies (my sister was full on into her goth phase, while I was watching anime like a junkie). The weirdest part was that the Barbie doll was actually ‘Pregnant Barbie’, with the belly you could detach, and had a tiny baby inside…… wroooong. I did my best to appear surprised and happy though, as to my grandma it was a bit hard seeing us growing up…

      I’m glad you like the wavy arms! I like them too! and don’t worry, if you try to leave, Panda will make sure she ties you to a chair and unleashes Ammy’s cuddly fury on you. Which is better than Golden Fury or Brown Rage. 😉

  • Raevyn

    Yeah, I’ve had to deal with those types…daily. Worse are parents who tell me that their kids see worse than the contents of Duke Nukem Forever in their own homes….so they’re admitting to preforming sexual acts, excessive violence and other forms of extreme perversion in front of their 8-12 year old children. People need to die.

    • I’m sure they mean that they see lots of sex and violence on TV at home, but still, parents should be a little more responsible than that. Then people wonder why violent behaviour is blamed on video games…

  • When you aren’t sure what somebody wants, make sure you at LEAST know their favorite store.

    Rae is either a gamer, or a sword collector, so a gift card from THAT store is always good if I’m un-sure what color Katana of Dismay to purchase for him… red, or black, since I can’t do BOTH, I get a gift card, and give it to him.
    …not a card from Bed, Bath, and Beyond…

    …or, in MY case, in REAL life… I’d get Beau some cool-ass Magic cards, Panda would get art type stuff that isn’t the cheap kind, and Rae would get a knife that is rare to find.
    I KNOW these people… so… yea…