The Year’s End

Written by The Boo

So while over the past year we’ve played a lot of games and watched way too many movies, we really don’t have any that spring to mind today.

How about everyone else? Were there any games or movies that really stood out for you in 2011? If not, is there anything you’re looking forward to in 2012?

Have a happy new year everyone, we’ll see you on the other side!

  • PorkCow

    Lets see.. Games… Capcom vs Marvel 3 (cause it had AMATERASU!!! dont have the ultimate version.. might get that later), Batman: Arkham City (BIG Batman fan. Loved the first and loved the 2nd game. And those bloody trophies.. some were simple.. others MINDBENDING!!)… I think thats it for games for me. Oh Zelda: Skyward Sword and Skyrim. have to mention them. Big zelda fan as well. Skyrim is fun cause I get to HIT THINGS ALOT! MWAHAHAHA! And the fun of a sneak bow attack.. heee hee you cant seeee meeeee.

    Movies.. Kings Speech (not sure if that was 2010 or 11) Loved it. I was crying by the end of it. Still do every time I see it. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I was really surprised at how good it was. I mean REALLY surprised. Preview didnt interest me but when my friend got it for our regular movie night I was very “pah i don’t wanna see that” but I been wrong before and boy was I wrong again! Story was a wee bit flimsy but plausible. Caesar made me REALLY want the apes to win. I cried over Buck. And the Orang.. hee hee love orangs. Troll Hunter. Very good. The effects were top notch. Would hate to meet those things.

    Sorry this so long.. Tend to get carried away. Umm.. I rrreally apologies for this but I just HAVE to link this.. It made my day. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Also wish everyone a happy new year and good luck for the upcoming year.

    ps. 35 today 35 today. I am getting old but will never go away.
    pps. Another highlight of the year was finding this comic. SO GLAD!

    • Happy Birthday! Can’t believe I forgot “Rise of”, I truly enjoyed that movie, heck, we even reviewed it on here. XD

  • Happy NewYear to P&B.Com, the contributors, fans, and people that talk about us.
    This year, I want all of your resolutions to be bringing more people here!
    I should petition the US Gov’t to make this site the official “Awesome” site… period.
    Just the title alone is worth it for me.

    I also plan on never smoking crack… which I didn’t do anyway, ever… but heck… It’s the thought that counts?
    Wow… shameless plug…