Panda’s Art Dump #5

Written by The Panda

So here’s an art dump guys, featuring the original panda, also known as Yu-Fei. In the game City of Heroes, she was a martial arts melee fighter, and she had a nifty healing factor (though I died constantly because I sucked 😛 ). Her backstory was the usual, probably clichéd ‘Super soldier’ on the run thing. I know, not really imaginative but yeah. It’s pretty much what you may have seen in the Dark Angel TV series, or for those of you who know it, the Cybersix comic books and animated TV series.

So yeah, Yu-Fei pretty much goes around kicking all sorts of ass, while she searches for her 6 missing siblings. I won’t go into details, but that’s pretty much it!

The following pictures are pretty much going from oldest to most recent, if my memory serves right (the year next to the signature might help too 😛 ). Some of ’em are pencil sketches, some color ones are unfinished. That’s pretty much all I’ve got on her so here she is guys!