Quick Site Update

Written by The Boo

We’ve parted ways with Blip.tv and in saying so have removed the old shows/videos we had on the site. I still have all those old shows saved, so in the future we may upload them again to our youtube channel.

I know there was no comic last week (I was a bit late with sending the script to Marie) and the live shows have been a bit absent, but that’s mainly due to my current back injury. Even though I’m able to sit at the computer for an extended period of time, it’s more how it has affected my mood that has put a damper on the amount of content I can create happily for the site.

Visa update: Still no news yet, but I should be travelling over to Canada to spend some time with Marie early next year for a few months. (Which would do me a world of good.)

We should have a comic up this coming Wednesday/Thursday and are trying to make Wednesdays/Thursdays (Depending on where you live in the world) our regular comic day.

Since the content has been lacking, here’s a picture of me looking at you.

Boo Watching You