A little change in updates…

Written by The Panda

Hey guys, just a quick post to tell you all that we’ll update with new comics on weekends now. This might be between Saturday evening and Monday mornings, depending on your time zone. The reason for this change is a simple but essential one. I’ve started my degree this week at University, and there is a lot I need to do. I’ve got about 7 different textbooks, 3 of them being massive bricks, that I’ll need to pore through and read 20 hours out of the week. This is something I can do nothing about unfortunately and it’ll take most of my time during the week when I’m not in class. The fact that my schedule changes from week to week is a big factor as well.

This is why I’ll try to find a few hours over the weekends, be it on Saturday or Sunday, morning or evening, to produce a comic strip.

That’s about it for now guys, you all have a good weekend, and I’ll work on a comic over the coming weekend!