Panda and Boo Update

Written by The Boo

As most of you can tell, things around here have been really slow. Which of course most of you should know the reason is that I’m finally moving to Canada, to be precise, I’m moving there on the 28th of September, meaning the following weekend.

It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I have just about everything finalised and sorted back here in the Land Down Under (Australia for those of you unaware) and now it’s just a waiting game for me until next Sunday.

Once there, it will mark the first time that Marie and I will actually be living in the same country permanently. Not a bad achievement for having been married for over four years now.

The reason for this update blog post (as opposed to a comic with a text update) is because even though very soon we’ll be living and of course working together on all things Panda and Boo, is the fact that things may still be very slow around here until we get firmly settled in our own place. For the meantime we’ll be living at Marie’s parent’s house until we’ve managed to get me assimilated into the Canadian world (Getting all my tax info, work, bank accounts etc), you know, all that fun boring stuff we all have to go through.

We’ll try and get comics out when we can in the meantime, but I assure you, once we’re settled, we have big plans for lots more content. Not just comics either, we have some plans for our youtube channel, live shows and more. We really can’t wait until we will finally have the time and space to truly share all that we want to create, not just for us, but to share with all of you as well.

Until next time, may your pancakes be maple syruped, and your toast vegemited. (Well, for those who like those things anyway. 😉 )