Happy New Year! (Belated)

Written by The Boo

Happy New Year Pandacubs!

So time to update what’s going on over here.

Marie and I are doing well, settling in to finally being able to live together for more than a few months at a time which is great, knowing that neither of us has to leave the country any time soon. We’re still bunked down with her parents until we manage to acquire a place of our own, which also means we still only have her old computer to work from. I’m hoping that once I have enough money (after all the other moving expenses) I can upgrade our equipment and really make a move on working on our youtube channel, live shows, and more frequent comics.

In other news, both Marie and have managed to quit smoking. It’s not something I would normally talk about on this site due to the general G/PG rated nature we try to keep on here, but we feel it’s important for a number of reasons. We managed to quit by switching over to vaping. What is vaping? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of electronic cigarettes. It’s basically that, while I could go into it in great depth, just know that over all the other ways to quit smoking, this is the only one that worked and we feel terrific since making the change.

I’ve written quite a few comics for the site, and when ever Marie has the energy to draw (making sure I don’t over work her with her studies as well) I’ll try my best to get her to work on them in a more regulated manner, while getting myself into a better work mode for the site.

We hope that your holidays were wonderful and filled with people you love, and if not, we hope that you at least got yourself some great gifts!

Here’s to a fantastic 2015, and thank you all for joining us on our journey.

Best wishes,
Beau “Boo” Kelly and Marie-Claude “Panda” Paradis.

Panda and Boo