A quick rant. (Side bar, I need to write more)

Written by The Boo

I don’t know why I hate the look of this so much.

Short background: I’m Marvel over DC. I’m X-men over Avengers (Comics). I still like X-1, X-2, First Class and DOFP.

So why does just about everything in this trailer (Except McAvoy, and Fassbender) rub me the wrong way?

Meh, I’ll just list my problems:

1: Jennifer Lawrence. Or more so, why is Mystique leading the X-men? To me it really just seems they’ve given her such a big roll due to Lawrence and nothing more.

2. Olivia Munn. I just really hate this casting choice. I thought by now people would understand the importance of getting racial casting right, but sadly, it seems people only care if a “black role” goes to a white person, regardless of actual ethnicity.

3. Angel. Wait, I’ll stop here. I figured it out. I know what’s wrong with this movie.

It looks wrong!

By wrong, I mean it doesn’t look like the comics I’ve been reading for over 30 years.

Let me explain:
When you’ve done something your whole life, say being an electrician, you know how it works, you know how it’s supposed to look, how bad it feels when you make a mistake. And that’s basically I how feel about Apocalypse.

I’ve given all the other X-Movies a pass, I know it’s a different universe, it’s not my comic books, it’s something on it’s own. I’ve lived with that and accepted it for 15 years since 2001’s X-Men. I’m fine with it.

But this seems “too” far removed. The action seems silly this time around (Don’t get me started on everything wrong with that Psylocke spin splitting a car in two, just, rage.)

I don’t mind the small changes that the previous movies have done, but here, why is Nightcrawler here alongside his Mother Mystique? Did she get pregnant inbetween films and give birth and then time travel her young baby somehow that he grows up to almost be the same age as her? It’s those things that annoy me. Yes yes it’s a different universe, but those things are such a big part of those characters.

You don’t have to do the same stories shot for shot, hell, I prefer the more original stories, but at least keep the history of those characters alive, the more you change, the more younger audiences will be confused when they head back to the source material.

That’s all I want.