A New Beginning

Written by The Boo

WOW! Things look different around here don’t they?

Why the change?

Well, it’s been a very slow year for content from us. Lots of things were the cause of this but there’s no need to go into details about any of it really.

But it has given us some insight into what we’re doing with The Panda and The Boo.com and where we started and where we want to go.

That main idea is changing our focus away from comics…

Don’t fret! The comics will always be something we do, just with all the other things we want to share we decided to change the website completely from a webcomic site, to one that could more readily showcase all the things we like to do creatively.

We’re aware some people won’t like this change, but it’s something that has been a while coming and was really needed considering the way many use and view websites these days. The old website looked great while viewing it on a PC, but wasn’t very tablet/phone friendly. This new design (from the testing we’ve done) seems to run a lot smoother and a fair amount easier to read.

Now, one problem with this re-design is that the way we used to upload and present the comics used another 3rd party program to catalog and show the comics for wordpress. Which in essence means, I have to re-post every comic.

In saying so, we figured this could be a great opportunity to re-release all our previous work, as a sort of 5 year anniversary edition.

How is this going to work? For the next 350 work days, we will be re-posting all our comics with the original post along with an updated description on how we feel about the comic 5 years later.

So that’s about it really. New things are coming, new website look and feel and hopefully a new start for Panda and Boo on a platform that will better serve the way we present everything we do.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and followed us over the past 5 years. Here’s to another 5 years!
Until next time,