The Pilot

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 31st March, 2011


Welcome to The Panda and The

This is the first in what we hope to be a long running series of webcomics, based around the adventures of a ghost and a panda.

As you can probably already tell, Boo’s easily distracted.


2016 Notes

The comic that started it all. Well, sort of.

It’s funny looking back on this one, seeing how Marie drew and shaded Boo seems quite a bit different from how he looks now. Also the way chat bubbles were done is quite a bit different from where they ended up, and through the years go through a few changes.

Now the joke doesn’t work that well in this one, as it was more of an in-joke than anything. Panda’s final line of “He just HAD to be a ghost” was more a reference to me choosing a ghost as my comic representation. Oh well, the things you learn. Well, in my case, still need to learn.