The Pokémon

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 25th April, 2011


The other day the Panda and I were at a friends place for some gaming. During which the Panda, was playing a game I cannot recall. When our friend turned to ask her about the game, she responded “Shut up, I’m trying to kill a rabbit with a stick.”

Please note the Panda said she didn’t want to harm Pikachu in this comic, as she finds him one of the cute Pokémon. But after talking, a back rub and breakfast bed, she saw it my way.


2016 Notes

This is another one where we wanted to show off Panda’s rage side. I just love how angry she gets and the way Marie draws her when she loses her common sense.

The “Oh shazbut” line from Boo was originally going to be something he said quite often, but for some reason it never really stuck with me. I think it was basically me realising that these characters didn’t need catch phrases as Panda and Boo are quite unique on their own.

I also love that Boo named his starter Pokémon Steve. It’s just such a Boo thing to do.

Fun fact, we still play Pokémon to this day, only now it’s more the card game rather than one of the hundreds of video game Pokémon.