The Friendly Ghost

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 2nd May, 2011


Sooner or later people are going to think about other ghosts when they think of Boo. So I thought what better way to address this than to have Boo speak his mind on other ghosts. Also a good opportunity to show how the Panda and the Boo spend a lot of their time.

Good thing Panda is around to remind him where he is on the ghost food chain.


2016 Notes

I like this one simply because of Panda’s attitude towards ribbing on Boo. I love how she just “matter of factly” reminds Boo about all the various forms of media Casper has going for him,

The thing  don’t like in this one is my writing. I feel I could have done the opening panel a bit better and made Boo seem a little more angry/jealous towards Casper.

Oh well, we can only learn and continually strive to do better each time.