The Ghosts Of Boo’s Past

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 9th May, 2011


It’s about time we had some cameo’s in this comic. Unfortunately, Casper and Slimer were unavailable at the time. Thankfully, both the Purple ghost from Pac-Man and the Super Mario Boo ghost had the weekend off.

This does make me wonder about The Boo’s lineage though…


2016 Notes

Lots of people often ask me if my nick name/online user name comes from the Baulder’s Gate character Minsc and his pet Giant Miniature Space Hamster Boo. It actually comes from my little sister as that is what she often called me and I would often say “Boo! I’m a ghost!”

Boo’s original design is is based off of the classic Pac-Man ghost though, which you can see in the painting hanging in the background of Panda and Boo’s living room.

Fun fact, the picture in the background is the very first ever design of Panda and Boo and serves as the websites URL icon. Boo was changed from blue to yellow so he was an easier colour to work with in the panels and not blend into so many backgrounds.