The Storm Cloud

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 16th May, 2011


So I have to thank two separate people for this comic. The first being Rebecca for saying a line that just made me giggle my pants off. At one of our regular gaming events, everyone was chatting away as normal, a guy’s name was mentioned, and Rebecca stated, “He lives in Azaroth now.”

The second person credited for this comic, also appears in this comic as the Storm Cloud. A very dear friend of ours who we will call The Dream Killer for now, can often be found creating wondrous Super Group bases in City of Heroes, along with raining on everyone’s parade when they think they have a good idea.

The Dream Killer/Storm Cloud, often keeps us all in line.


2016 Notes

Fun fact for today’s comic. I can’t remember who Rebecca is… Sorry! I feel really bad now.

The Dream Killer though? He’s still about and we still chat every now and then, and of course, our main conversations are about Marvel Movies. 😀

Oh! This was our first ever six panel comic! Yay!

You also notice (If you’re a World of Warcraft player) the intentional misspelling of Azeroth. This was back when I was a bit worried about copyright and things like that. These days I’ve learned about the value of Fair Use and Parody to protect our own works.