The Real Ghostbusters

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 30th May, 2011


So at times I’m not very gracious or humble when it comes to winning at a game.  Especially if it’s a game I truly suck at.

The Panda? Well, simply put she doesn’t tolerate that kind of crap.

Special note for today:

Congratulations to my younger sister and her husband, as they are now expecting their first child. Uncle Boo is very proud and happy for them both.


2016 Notes

What else is there to say about a classic joke involving a classic movie? Nothing really, except for the fact that the remake, well, was pretty meh.

If you haven’t seen the Ghostbusters remake, don’t worry, you weren’t missing much. While it wasn’t awful, there wasn’t anything really good about it either.

But this is the good thing about classic movies, we can still watch them when ever we feel like it.