The New Neighbour

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 7th July, 2011

So a lot of people recently have been asking me if they can have cameo’s in the comic, caricatures done in their likeness (Don’t ask me, I only write words, ask the Panda for caricatures) and while I’d love to, it’s hard to find a way to make those characters funny and fit them in with the P&B universe.

On the other hand, in Jack’s case, it’s quite easy to make something funny. So I’m happy to read ideas and suggestions for characters, just be aware they may not make it in.


2017 Notes

So this one’s a bit odd for me now, as I’m no longer friends with the person who Jack/Wolfy was based on. Which really sucks at times since Wolfy really came into his own later on when he became a super hero (If you’re new here, those will be posted shortly) and gave us a new setting to write jokes in.

I haven’t said no to more Wolfy comics, just for now it’s still a little too close to home.