The Threat

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 11th July, 2011

I can’t quite remember where I got the idea for this comic, I just thought it would be funny to show how truly rage driven Panda can be at times. That and I’m a big fan of the wordless final panel, and the way Panda draws these ideas of mine, well, you can see how well she turns simple words of mine into something truly fantastic.

Also, I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering a lot lately, so much so I even went and bought some of the new cards, I think I have a new addiction… But at least it’s taking my mind off of the renovations.


2017 Notes

I still love the amount of rage Panda has in that final panel. It reminds me of the closet monkey from family guy and it just suits Panda to a tee. Makes me realise I really need to write some new characters in the coming year for Panda and Boo to abuse, I mean interact with.