The Plan

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 14th July, 2011

After writing this one, it reminded me of how much I miss Warner Brothers cartoons, especially Coyote and Road Runner. I used to love how Coyote would go to great and extreme lengths just to catch to the Road Runner, and yet, with all the money he spent on ACME products, he could have bought himself a decent meal. C’est la vie.

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Site updates! Yes, it’s that time yet again where I decide to change things around here. Gone is the social bar due to it not working properly. Back is the tweet and like buttons at the bottoms of posts along with their new friend Google+. Also gone are the full page ads. As always, if you find something broken on the site, please email me so I can get to fixing it.


2017 Notes

Boo just looks so happy in the final panel of this one. The sheer realisation/reminder that his ghostly nether region is safe from a bear trap, still makes me smile.

You’ll also note I “striked-out” the last two paragraphs as I wanted I to keep the original text, but since it has no real relevance since the complete overhaulĀ I figure this is the best way to handle old “information” but have it around for completion sake.