The Shut In

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 18th July, 2011

So the Panda’s reasons are revealed. Why she singled out Wolfy for this cause, I have no idea. Yes, I know I should have some idea why, since I write the comics, but for the most part, we just make this up as we go. 😀

In reality, we would both love for Okami to make it onto the PlayStation Network, but at least we have it on our PS2, so that’ll tide us over for now.

Renovation news: Still waiting on the floorers to put in the new carpet and wood floors. It’s like I’ve been living in a box factory outside for the past 4 weeks. Should all be done by the end of the week I hope. Suggestion to people thinking of getting their house painted and the floors redone, don’t. Just buy a new house.


2017 Notes

So Okami did make it onto the PSN. The Wolf lived!

This comic is a fun one as it’s the first time we thought to do Panda’s bedroom. Having it filled with Okami merchandise hopefully didn’t overstate Panda’s love for the game. I also love how Panda’s Okami pillow has little ears and the home made mace made out of a stick some rope and a bowling ball.