The Jovovich Syndrome

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 19th August, 2011

So when we went to see Green Lantern, we saw a preview for the new Three Musketeers movie. We couldn’t help laugh our arses off when we saw Orlando Bloom was in it with the funniest haircut you’ve ever seen.

But then Milla Jovovich showed up, and immediately we both thought “What’s the bet she’s some kind of world class killing machine”. We both won the bet. Every time we see Milla in a movie, she’s always playing the same damn “I can’t be beat, I’m the unstoppable one woman army” type roles. It’s getting tiresome.

Don’t ever get Marie to talk about her either, else she’ll just start on her tirade of how much she hates the Alice character from the Resident Evil movies… Oh, they’re also making a 5th RE movie, even after the abomination that was RE: Afterlife…

Milla, we implore you, do a movie where you aren’t a killing machine for once, else people might start thinking you’re unable to act in any other role…