The Papa Boo Bear

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 15th August, 2011

Now I know a lot of people were expecting the return of Squee, but we did this comic in it’s place due to my father.

This past Saturday he came off his Harley Davidson and got broken up badly. His throttle got stuck and drove him into a ditch, so no one else was involved in the accident. He currently has 7 broken ribs, a broken collar bone, broken sternum and also, broke both his ankles. Hence today’s comic.

You could wonder how I could make light of such a bad situation, well, it’s what our family does. Even in the worst of times we still find a way to smile and laugh, which I think is one of the most important things in life. One of the first things my sister said when visiting him in emergency was “Dad, if you didn’t want to come and visit tomorrow, you could have just said so.” Dad could only laugh and say “Don’t make me laugh, it only hurts when I laugh.”

He’s currently in a Sydney hospital (3 hour drive from where we live in Canberra) where they’re slowly piecing him back together, he’s in good spirits and even managed to phone me this morning to ask about the bike.

So it’s been quite the weekend for us, we’ll keep people updated here as well as on our personal facebook pages of his progress.

Thank you in advance for you kind words, as we know a lot of our readers/watchers are not only fans, but also friends and family.