The Transformation

Written by The Boo

Originally posted 29th August, 2011

So quite a bit to talk about today.

1st: I think just about everyone has had one those coffee moments in their life, that sudden jolt from grumpy to over the moon happy.

2nd: The first sneak peak at the new expansion for Magic the Gathering: Innistrad was revealed at PAX this past weekend, which has stirred much negative feedback in the form of Transformation cards. These cards are double sided, meaning during play, you flip them over to do something else. While it sounds cool, many Magic players use card protector sleeves to no surprise, protect their cards. Most of these sleeves have a solid colour backing, meaning these new Transformation Cards, would have to be either taken out of the sleeves constantly while playing, or some other kind of work around (Buying lots of them to sleeve one on each side.)

3rd: Papa-Boo-Bear update. Marie and I drove up to Sydney yesterday to see how the Papa-Boo was, he’s doing well spiritually, but physically, he still can’t move his right leg. He has what’s called Brown-Sequard Syndrome. He’ll be stuck up in Sydney for at least 6 months, but at least he has this massive electric chair to scream around the hospital in, transforming him into part machine, part dirty old man. It’s taken a while, but it seems he’s finally realised that he may never walk properly the same again, but he’s a strong man, and his ability to adapt to new situations will see him through. We’ll keep this updated when we have more news. Thanks again for all the kind comments and emails.