The Headbanger

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 10th March, 2014

The dilemma, do I write a long post or short and sweet post?

Let’s find out.

Say hello to my new all time favourite band, BABYMETAL.

I would like to note that in that video they had a “stage” band before they were able to acquire a live band that could actually play the music live with them. It’s something a lot people comment on, and I figured I’d mention it here since now they have a live stage band, their performances have gotten even stronger.

I could go on for ages about how Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) started in the J-Pop idol girl group known as Sakura Gakuin with Moa Kukuchi (Moa-metal) and Yui Mizuno (Yui-metal).

I could go on about how I’m fascinated┬áby Japanese culture in general, how I’ve been listening to metal music for over 20 years, instead here’s a few random thoughts on things people (and other musicians) can learn from BABYMETAL.

Only the Japanese language can get away with fusing Pop and Metal seamlessly.

Age means nothing. Su-Metal 16 years old, and both Moa-Metal and Yui-Metal are only 14 years old (As of this post).

Other metal acts need to step up their live show energy. These girls put on a live show like no other, full of energy and smiles. (With their new live band.)

What do they sing about? Anti-bullying messages, waking up in the morning, being a proud woman and chocolate. It’s very rare to see music this cool and having fun with your audience while sending worthwhile messages (Some more silly than than others, but who cares!).

Bieber, Miley, etc, these three young girls kick your pathetic, self indulgent, whorish, spoilt, talentless lives any day of the week. And they do it while smiling and putting on one of the best shows you will ever witness.

While you may not like their music, you can’t deny that they have something special in their messages, their energy, talent and showmanship that is severely lacking in a lot of modern music these days. They seem to do everything with a smile, and as you all know, there’s nothing more I love in the world than people smiling and people who make others smile. BABYMETAL makes me smile and bang my head at the same time. (In the good way!)

Oh, and here’s the song that inspired today’s comic. Enjoy the possesed neck brace that forces people to head bang!

And here’s one that is just insane… Eurobeat, Rap, J-Pop, Metal. Pfft, easy task for BABYMETAL!

(Fear not, Dir en grey is still my all time favourite band, and probably always will. It’s just nice to see some young people bringing something new for me to enjoy the absolute hell out of.)