The New Nurse

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 15th November, 2014

Marie comes home every day telling me stories of the things she does while doing her internship to which I often sit wide eyed and intently listen. While she hasn’t had the chance to whack anyone over the head with Mjolnir yet, the things she’s learning and doing impress me somewhat, considering we’re both more geared to the artistic side of things. (Well duh.)

In other news, finally being to live together in the same country is making life much easier on us. Plus being able to watch hockey feel the cold and generally experience life here in Canada is a lot of fun for me. My in-laws are helping me daliy to learn the Quebecois French, and while I cannot have a full conversation, I always know when someone is talking about cheese or hockey. We also had the first signs of snow last night (which is a little early for this time of year) and while I’ve seen snow and skied and all that jazz, being here and living it is a different fun experience for me.

I guess the real fun will start when I have to start shovelling snow just to get out the front door…

I have mixed feelings about that part…