The Obscure Reference

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 12th December, 2014

Sorry for the delay (as usual), but Marie has been real busy with her studies and internship but she’s on holidays for the most part now so hopefully we’ll get a few holiday themed comics up very soon.

Today’s comic comes about from after watching some older TV shows where, as stated in the comic, could not been shown due to limitations. Is this always a bad thing? Yes and no. In the live action version of the show “The Tick” it was used to great comedic affect. However, in shows such as “Game of Thrones” it constantly annoys me that everything I want to see on the show, is only ever talked about, and never shown.

I guess we dug our own graves with this one, as I’m sure people actually now want to see a 30 foot tall, fire breathing, kilt wearing, winged meerkat…

We’ll see what we can do…