The Remembering

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 25th May, 2015

We miss City of Heroes.

That is all.

Okay okay, I’ll write a bit more.

It’s Memorial Day. The last Monday in May where Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who while serving in their country’s armed forces died. We’ve covered Anzac Day before (See that comic here) and while that was more of a serious tone, today I thought we could show how people react to such events differently in a humorous way. That and very recently I was talking about City of Heroes with a friend again and it got me all teary eyed.

There’s many things in life to remember, good, bad and miscellaneous. How we remember them is up to each individual, is very personal and so take the time to day to remember something important to you, as it’s very easy to forget what is meaningful to each of us.