The Snow Day

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 18th December, 2014

As our long time readers know, I’m finally in the Great White North that is Canada.

The past couple of weeks have been a lot of fun for me, my first small snow storm, in which I was outside shovelling snow, doing my best not to fall on my butt, and learning how slippery the wheels on your car can get when driving on side streets.

While snow is not new to me, living in it for extended periods of time is. The funniest part is my family here constantly asking me if I’m cold or suggest that I should put on more jackets/clothing. Why is this funny? Simple, I love the cold. I’m not a small guy, so my natural thermal insulation keeps me nice and toasty, as long ¬†as I have at least one layer to keep the wind from hitting my skin, I’m whistling the day away.

Both Panda and Boo represent Marie and I very well in this comic, which is funny considering Marie is a Canadian native.