The Technical Difficulties

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 11th July, 2014

Yesterday if you tried viewing the comic we posted and were met with a very angry looking panda, well, that’s my fault.

You see I had posted the comic nice and early in the morning and was looking forward to going out and catching up with a friend. Low and behold there’s a few updates ready for our site. “Sure !” I said, updates area always good.

Updates are not always good.

So after the update, it basically broke everything, forcing me to migrate our old uploading system to a new one, but it also gave me the chance to play around with the site and bit and give it a somewhat different look. Everything still functions the same, but the way we laid it all out was to draw more attention to the comic proper, with what I’m writing here seem not so important… I’m a bundle of mistakes these past two days…

Also, for you non-facebook/twitter/socialnetworking type people who want to stay up to date with us, we have a handy new feature! Snail mail! I mean Email. You’ll notice a button at the bottom right of every page on the site that simply states “Follow”. We understand not everyone uses social networks, and we’ve tried an email subscription thing before, but it involved a massive effort on my behalf to keep the thing running. Now, a machine does it all for us. Neat huh?

So apologies again if you came here yesterday and were frightened off by the scary panda. Everything is back to normal, well, as normal as things get around here anyway.