The Temporary Comeback

Written by The Panda

Originally posted 15th October, 2014

Update time!

I’m finally in Canada! Yippie!

Finally Marie and I are together and able to start our new lives here. Although we’re together, we’re still very busy and things around here will still be slow at times.

The reason for this is that when Marie isn’t busy with her head in medical text books, she’s at classes and when she’s not in class, she’s doing her internship. All the while I’m sitting at home waiting on things from the government (Tax numbers, Residency cards etc) and moving all our accounts (website store and other things) accross to our address here in The Great White North. So she has very little time to draw up the comics I come up with.

Now on to some bad news, while I’m here and everything is great, I don’t have my computer. What that basically means is that I won’t be able to produce any content for youtube or do any live shows. I would use Marie’s computer, but sadly one of the video cards has decided to up and kick the bucket, and since it’s an older machine, it simply can’t handle our needs. It even takes her quite some time to get a comic done now due to the aging machine.

It’ll be some time before I’m able to get my computer here since we have no room for it in our current accomidations, so until we get our own place, we’re kind of stuck with slow comics and that’s about it.

In other news, we’ve been thinking about setting up a Patreon page for those who wish to contribute to keep Panda and Boo up and running. While we do have the donation link (on the right), and the store, some of you have bought nearly one of everything in the store and even donated money on top of that. While this is very much appreciated, we really like the idea of subscriptions for something you come back every week/day for. If you’re not sure Patreon is, it’s basically a subscription service for youtubers/webcomics/musicians etc. If you have heard of it, we’d like to hear your thoughts on what we could do with it. Whether we offer Patreon exclusive content, maybe rewards for certain subscription amounts (Drawings, P&B T-Shirts etc).

You can check out our page here: The Panda and The Boo on Patreon
Take a look around and let us know your thoughts, ideas etc on how we can make it work for us. We haven’t set any goals, but rest assured one of them is new hardware so Marie can do comics in a timely manner.

I’ll try and keep people updated more often, maybe write some nonsense articles to keep you all ammused while we get into the swing of things around here.

Thanks for being patient with us guys, and remember, keep circulating the links!