More Hobbies!

Written by The Boo
It starts off looking like something else…

For a while now I’ve been wanting more hobbies. Because painting, writing, gaming, reading, playing guitar, throwing pumpkins off of buildings just wasn’t enough.

Enter the lustrous world of mead making. That’s right, mead. Not an overly complex potion to give my cartoon counterpart legs.

Panda and I have just started out first batch, taking mad scientist like notes (due to my terrible hand writing) and of course, constantly worrying that we’ve messed something up as simple as honey, water and yeast.

The scribbles of a mad man.

We have about a month to wait before we test this first batch to see how it’s doing, but like all creative things, we look forward to it. Since if we get it right the first time, when can then start going really crazy with the recipes and flavour profiles.

I mean, you know we just have to do a really spicy styled mead. I’m thinking about throwing thirty Thai Chili’s in there.

That should be enough…

And now, we wait.