Mead Trial #1: Bottled

Written by The Boo
One month later, it’s very clear, I need to drink this.

So it’s been one month since we started our trials into mead making, and today we bottled our creation!

The taste test is, positive. It’s a bit like a Riesling. While it’s not as sweet as it needs to be for Panda, it came out very clean tasting, no off flavours from bad sterilisation or anything like that, so we at least know our set-up method and cleanliness is on point.

Yes, those are Sailor Jerry’s Rum bottles…

We did rack the mead once towards the end of week 3, just as there was a lot of sediment on the bottom and I was concerned that the dead yeast would impart “off” flavours if left to sit on there too long.

I must say, a hydrometer is a must! (Get it? Must? Mead makers will get the joke.) Being able to use a gravity reading to discern when to rack and bottle is much better than other methods I’ve seen of people going off how many bubbles are being produced.

Just going to sip this and ponder.

I’ve put the bottles in the fridge to “cold crash” them. Basically this means killing off any left over yeast that may have survived, as I really don’t need any more fermentation to occur.

While I’m going to sip on a bottle throughout the week and ponder life’s big questions, like “Do I get my own bee hive?”, I’ll be leaving the other bottles a while to see how the flavours change over time like you should for most wine.

Will keep you updated when we make the next batch. Which I might do in about an hour…

I have plans. Oh yes, I have plans.