Mead Trial #2

Written by The Boo

Here it is folks, Trial #2!

This time though, we’ll share how we’re going about it if you’re interested.

Ingredients this time we’re going with 2kg of honey, 1 gallon of water, and 1 sachet of Lalvin D-47 yeast. And that’s it.

The theory behind this batch is we put in so much honey, that the yeast won’t be able to consume it all, leaving over sugars to make for a sweeter mead. Since the D-47 has an alcohol tolerance of around 14%, I’m hoping it’ll have sugars left over, but we’ll see in time.

The main thing about making mead is to make sure everything is good and sterilized. This is not so much a health thing, as it is more a practice to ensure you get no off flavours in your mead. Most sterilization products you do not rinse off, some may be scared by the “soap bubbles” at the top of your mead when it’s in the carboy, but don’t be. It’s there to keep your mead safe.

Now here comes the fun part, taking the hydrometer reading. It’s off the chart. Since we used so much honey in this batch (Trail #1 only used 1kg of honey) the gravity reading has to be a bit more of a guess. We’re guessing it’s starting at 1.185, which means a starting alcohol of around 24%. But as you know, the D-47 only has a tolerance of 14%. So I’m hoping that once we go to bottle, the final hydrometer reading matches up, and we get around that 14% mark.

For those that don’t know, to determine how much alcohol will be in your mead, is you take a reading of your must, (Must is the honey and water, without the yeast in it) this is your starting gravity, then you take another reading before you bottle. You minus your bottled reading from your starting, and that’s how you end up with your final alcohol content. Your hydrometer should come with instructions though, so why I wrote this? I don’t know. 🙂

And this is a lot of the fun about mead making for us. Experimenting. Coming up with ideas, finding what we like, and just having fun with it all. Depending on how this one turns out, we’re going to start experimenting with fruits and making melomels and other fun things.

And now for an update on Mead Trial #1!

We invested in a corker! I wasn’t completely happy with just bottling our mead in old rum bottles, so managed to find a brewery supply shop within 5 minutes of us who were more than excited to meet us and help us with our mead making.

I also filtered out Trial #1 with a cheese cloth, as there was still a little bit of yeast sediment in the rum bottles, and while it wouldn’t have any effect, I wanted the bottles to look very clean and pleasing to the eye.

We also went ahead and built a proper rack for all our bottles, since we’ll always have some mead fermenting at some point, we figured we’ll need some storage space for it all.

Now all we need are some labels, and a brand name. Boo’s Booze? Hmm, maybe something a little more classy.